It’s been a pretty good summer for backpacking.  We’ve already had two minor trips into the Sarvis Creek wilderness area, and now we joined some friends for a hike to the Marvine Lakes in the Flat Tops Wilderness.  The Flat Tops are one of the largest wilderness areas in Colorado.  They sit rougly between Glenwood Springs and Steamboat Springs.

The Marvine Creek trailhead is on the west side of the wilderness, near the town of Meeker.  The lakes are roughly 7 miles in, but it isn’t really a bad hike.  The hardest part is that there are three stream traverses where you have to strip off your boots, make the crossing, and then lace back up after your feet are dry.  The hike is worth the effort.  THe lakes are postcard pretty, and the fishing is excellent.

Chris caught his biggest fish since he picked up fly fishing.  Granted, that’s only been a couple of years, but the trout here are pretty good sized for a novice.  Even the little 3-pounder felt like a monster.

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