We ventured out for our second family camping trip. This time, we went to Jefferson Lake, which is on the east side of the continental divide from Breckenridge. We were again with our friends Matt and Michelle with their twin girls, and their friends Paul and Gretchen and their two children. The weather wasn’t as cooperative, but a good time was had by all nonetheless.

We tried a little more fishing, and this time Evan stuck with it for a good while. It helped that the fish were biting. The only problem is that our hooks were too big, so the fish just kept nibbling the bait off. Evan loved it though.

The highlight of the trip was the boys first boat ride. Matt and Michelle brought their inflatable kayaks, and everyone took turns tooling around the lake. I took each of the boys out on my lap. They were both giddy. It’s just too bad I couldn’t get my camera on the boat with us. I’m sure the looks on their faces were priceless.

We had all the typical camping activities, including a torrential downpour Saturday afternoon. We got to test out the vestibule in the tent, until a river started flowing around us. The good news is that the tent is indeed waterproof. The rain moved out just in time to get a fire lit and roast a few marshmallows.

All the fresh air didn’t have the effect on the boys this time. They slept OK, but not nearly as long as the first trip. It’s all good though. They’re handling sleeping in a tent very well, and were sad to head home Sunday morning. Hopefully we’ll get one more trip in before the end of the summer.

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  1. Okay, we’re jealous. Can we come next time? This time we’re not kidding (see note on REECA 2012):-)

  2. What great pictures (again!). Looks like camping will remain a Waters’ family activity. How great to be able to enjoy it with friends too.

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