We spent this past 4th of July with several friends at the Eisman Hut just north of Vail.  The Eisman Hut is part of the 10th Mountain Hut system.  The huts are better known as back-country ski destinations, which involves a huge amount of effort, but the huts are available for rent in the summer as well.

The nice thing about the summer is that you can drive a good chunk of the way.  At Eisman, we had to park a few hundred yards down the hill, and use a little hand cart to lug our gear.  Even then, this allows for some pretty fancy living.  We ate eggs and bacon for breakfast, chicken marsala and homemade ice cream for dinner, and enjoyed some of the best wine around.

The accommodations are comfortable, if somewhat rustic.  Despite categorizing this post as “camping”, I wouldn’t consider staying in the huts to be “roughing it”.  There is solar-powered electricity, propane for cooking, and a stocked outhouse.  The huts are loaded with donated books and games, and as you can see from the pictures, are situated in some of the prettiest scenery imaginable.

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