Evan serving in the Poudre match

Evan had a volleyball tournament today at Douglas County High School in Castle Rock. It started with a tough loss to Chaparral. Evan’s Grizzlies won the first set, then dropped a tough second before fizzling out in the final set.

Evan digs out a serve in the match against Poudre School District

After a longer than planned break, they were back on the court facing Poudre School District. This time, the Grizzlies came to play. They swept PDS 2-0, with neither set being close.

The final match was against Pueblo High. It seemed like a tough match, as the Grizzlies never really threatened in the first set, but they roared back in set 2 to even the match and cruised through the tie breaker.

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This was a big step for the boys. They had a rough stretch last year where they celebrated winning single sets. This year they have been competitive in most matches. Hopefully this tournament builds some positive momentum for the rest of the year.

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  1. glad you are enjoying volleyball. Keep up the good teamwork. go Grizzles…….. Grandma Dani

  2. Congratulations, Evan, to you and your volleyball team!! Great to hear about your victory and see pictures of you on the court. Love, Grandma Judy and Grandpa Gary

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