My spring break was really fun. Some of the things we did that were really fun were going to wine country and going to lots of hotels. Some of the hotels we went to were Garden Inn, Yosemite lodge, Best Western, and some Hampton Inn’s. Some other things we saw that were really beautiful were Yosemite, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Napa Valley. At Yosemite we saw El Capitan and Half Dome. The first two days it was snowing with really big snowflakes. During this trip I really loved spending lots of time with my family.

When we went to Barnett winery, they gave me and Alex some blankets. We had bread sticks too. My mom and dad did some wine tasting. My brother and I went out and played and made a fort on a table with our blankets out by their grape vines.

After we did that we went to Rutherford Grill and we had the best meal on that trip. What I had for dinner was trout and coleslaw for a side. My dad got a steak with broccolini. My mom and brother shared a rack of ribs and for a side they had broccolini and rice. After that we went to our hotel. Alex and I went to the pool and had lots of fun.

When we went to some beaches I wrote my name with rocks in the beach. Another beach we went to was really nice because they had tide pools, and in the tide pools were sea urchins, sea anemone, fish, coral, and these green spongy things. When we were there we had a great view of the whole ocean and we actually saw some whales. Going to the beach was my favorite thing we did on our trip. This was a really fun trip.

Love, Evan

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  1. I love the new format for your Website. The new write ups from all of you, about your recent trip to California, and the new trampoline are wonderful.
    What memories. Love Mom and Grandma Dani

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