It seems to have all come together. We have our tickets to leave Wednesday morning, and for the four of us to come home on Thursday, September 29th.  Lara’s visa came today, and best of all, the boys’ citizenship papers are ready! That means we should be able to request passports Friday morning, pick them up next week, and have plenty of time to process through Moscow before our flight on the 29th.

We are planning to stay in an apartment in Bryansk. Olga told me that it has all the modern conveniences, including internet access. Hopefully we’re able to get everything working and will post some pictures of our new family on Friday. Don’t be too surprised if you don’t hear anything. We really have no idea what the situation in the apartment will be.

Tomorrow night is going to be crazy with preparation and packing, so this is probably the last post until we get set up in Bryansk. For those who don’t have it yet, here is our flight information:

Date Flight Departs Time Arrives Time


9/14/11 UA 581 Denver (DEN) 8:28 am Washington, DC (IAD) 1:40 pm
  UA 964 Washington, DC (IAD) 5:10 pm Moscow (DME) 10:55 am


9/29/11 UA 965 Moscow (DME) 12:45 pm Washington, DC (IAD) 3:29 pm
  UA 505 Washington, DC (IAD) 7:01 pm Denver (DEN) 8:48 pm

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