This is it. We are leaving Bryansk for the last time. We received the boys’ Russian passports today. It was a last minute affair, to be sure. In this new system, all passports are issued from Moscow. They are only sent to the provinces 3x per week, M/W/F. Ours were ready on Wednesday, but didn’t make that day’s post. So, we were on pins and needs at 5:00 today when the “chief” (I assume the local branch chief) brought in a box of passports that he had to personally go pick up somewhere. Such a strange system…

Luckily, Both Alex and Evan’s passports were there, so we can now get going. We’re on an 11:45 train to Moscow, arriving at about 6:15. It’s going to be interesting to see how the boys handle the train, let alone an overnighter. We debated, but settled on putting them to bed around 9:00. Hopefully, they’ll still be groggy enough to fall back asleep quickly on the train. If nothing else, they’ll get a couple of hours of sleep tonight.

We’ll be staying at another apartment somewhere in Moscow. It is owned by Mila, our tour guide from the trip in March. We’re hopeful that it will be a more pleasant accommodation. At least Mila has very good English. She is also a kind person, although she does have a touch of the “Olga flurry” in her.

We don’t know if this apartment will also have internet. Hopefully so, and we’ll be able to get another post out tomorrow. Otherwise, we’ll get to it when we can. In the meantime, thanks to all for the encouragement. We’re a little warn down, but doing fine. See ya’ll in Moscow.

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  1. Fantastic. I am so happy. Safe trip to Moscow. How are your feeling Chris with your cold, or whatever you were getting? All of you stay healthy. Love you all MOM and Grandma….

  2. We’re glad you’re on your way to Moscow at last! Hope the train ride goes well and the new apartment and surrounding area are more accommodating. I suspect the boys will find the “choo-choo” an interesting enough experience to keep them up for awhile but that fatigue will eventually take over and you can all get some much-needed sleep. Can’t wait to hear how it went and how things are in Moscow. Take good care of yourselves!

  3. HOORAY for our side!

    I had a “gut instinct” you’d be getting the passports today… so am happy to see my “gut instinct” system is still in proper working order…

    Moscow weather for the weekend is calling for low to mid 40’s with “Cloudy & Rain” through Monday… so guess it will be a weekend in he museums!

    Next is to hear how “accepting” the boys will be of a “train ride”… and I suspect, if they are like I recall, it’s going to be some pretty exciting stuff!!

    … ‘Yall be careful now heaahh…


  4. Passports in hand – YEAH! So many hopes for you — that all four of you were able to get some rest on the train ride, that the apartment in Moscow can well meet your needs for the “home stretch”, that both parents are feeling better, that experiences now in Moscow will be wonderful for all, that getting through all the Ministries in Moscow you told us about is a breeze, and so on… Sending our love to the four of you!

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