There hasn’t been much of note over the last few days. We’re doing our best to keep the boys entertained, and we’re still fighting the battle of “house rules”. Alex seems to be picking up more bad habits from Evan, so he’s starting to get his fair share of timeouts too. Things are settling in reasonably well, probably as well as we have any right to expect. Both Chris and I are starting to run up against our limits for “toddler time”. We went over to some friends’ house on Saturday to let the boys play with their 3 year old daughters. It was wonderful to have some adult conversation and not be constantly chasing (or being chased by) the boys. Hopefully we’ll both start to find more releases like this. Those little breaks go a long way towards us keeping our sanity!

On Sunday we went to our first Pumpkin festival.  We bought one pumpkin for the porch but have not decided what we’ll do about Halloween yet.  We’re sure Evan would enjoy getting candy from people, but this is one of the things we need to really work on with him; he is not shy about walking up to complete strangers with food and holding out his hand like a beggar.

After our first snowfall Saturday morning, today was another beautiful Colorado day in the low 60s.  Late in the afternoon, we headed back down to our park and let the boys play in the water feature.  Evan’s been wanting to play in it since the first day we took him down there.  For Alex, he did not initially like the feel of the sand under his bare feet.  Even though his brother was already soaked and completely enjoying himself, Alex wandered off onto the wood chips again, so we put his shoes back on.  When he made his own way back to the water feature, we again took off his shoes and placed him more in the middle of the action.  Eventually he started to enjoy the sand and water.  Now we just hope the county turns off the water soon or we’ll have a battle every time we head down there.

Today was also the first day that Chris went back to work for a couple of hours, and ironically, the first night the boys didn’t wake up at all.  In fact, we had to wake them up at 6:30 AM so that Chris could help with breakfast and getting dressed.  Evan cried when Chris headed out the door, but then Bacchus finally decided to eat breakfast and we had our distraction.  Just another reason to love Bacchus!

We’ll meet with a dietician on Thursday to learn how to put healthy weight on the boys, and then head over to their day care to talk about how best to integrate them into their classes.  Friday we’ll have a visit from our adoption agency’s social worker to pick up some paperwork from us and just check in to see how things are going.  As you can see, we’re easing our way into a normal routine, as much as that can be with two toddlers still exploring this wonderful world around them.

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  1. The boys look great. You both are sure giving them excitements abound. it’s hasn’t been a full month since you have been home. Alot has been going on. glad to hear they are sleeping longer. Bacchus seems to be adjusting well? Love to you all and talk to you soon. Love Mom

  2. I “think” I checked for updates on Monday… but in any case, discovered Lara’s “insider” story… and the beautiful, colorful pictures. You are going to so, so treasure all the “photo ops” in another 20~30 years (and so will the boys).

    … and so glad to see a wonderful weather weekend come your way… as with that and the developing “family” adjustment, it all makes for some “progress”, that in just a few weeks, will be taken for granted.

    Glad to hear everyone is adapting and getting some rest… for that’s really got to be appreciated!

    More later


  3. Sounds like steady progress is being made (although we’re sure it sometimes feels too slow). But the guys’ sleeping the whole night and adjusting to Chris going to work — that’s a big deal! And we’re glad to hear you and Chris are integrating some “time outs” of your own into your schedules. We all know that you’ll need some time off now and then to help maintain a good, healthy perspective of yourselves, the boys and the relationship between you. You’re both doing great. Keep it up . . . and let us know if there’s any way we can help.

  4. Thanks, Lara, for the update from Monday. I would give anything if we were just a few miles from you so we could give you guys a “breather” now and then! I bet a full nights sleep from the boys helps everyone. I’m glad you’re getting some help from Bacchus too! Thank you again for letting us know how things are going.

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