As of 4:20pm EDT on September 29, 2011, the US has 2 new citizens named Evan and Alex Waters. We’re just taking a brief moment here in the Dulles Red Carpet Club before we run off for some dinner, and then the next flight. The leg from Moscow may not have been the nightmare we had been prepared for, but it was certainly a bad dream. Alex handled it all very well. Evan napped for a total of 20 minutes, and decided that he was going to take a stand against seat belts. There were several ridiculous tantrums involved, especially since we ended up with many bumpy sections (and thus a lot of time with the seat belt light on.

Anyway, we’re wiped out, but getting ready for our last hop. Just thought we’d let you all know we cleared the gate!

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  1. Welcome Evan and Alex!!!!

    This is awesome news.

  2. I was in another meeting in town… and was able to view your posting not long after you sent it… but me and “texting” on a smart phone keypad, don’t do very well!

    I was SO GLAD to see you message… for most importantly, it confirmed you made it (and didn’t miss the flight, or a whole host of other “points of failure) I could conjure up!!

    I can well imagine the exhaustion and fatigue… and so don’t expect to hear anything further tonight… but hopefully there will be some restful sleep to be had at home (well I can wish, can’t I)… and look forward to hear more “details” tomorrow!

    … and am REALLY GLAD everybody’s here!

    WELCOME… Master Evan and Master Alex!!

    Dad (and Grandpa)

  3. SO glad to hear from you! Thank you for letting us know you made that leg of the journey safely. By now you are in the air again and hopefully, it goes well. When you read this, you will be HOME!! Take care…

  4. HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the update, and have a good flight back to CO. Talk to you over the weekend after you get some much needed and much deserved rest.

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