The big news today is that we went to the zoo. The people I work with gave us a year-long family pass to the Denver zoo. The weather is still nice for the next couple of days, so we thought we’d try it out. The boys weren’t quite as animated as we’d hoped (nothing worth of video anyway), but they enjoyed it. They laughed at the monkeys and pengquins, and were imparessed by the Grizzlies and giraffes, but it was pretty low key. I guess it was just a bit of an overload situation. We’ll be going back, so they’ll have plenty of opportunities.

That took up the majority of our day. We’re still seeing some separation issues. Lara and I are taking turns leaving the house for a few minutes to work on that with the boys. We don’t want to push them too hard, since we’re also working on building a bond at the same time. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. We just need to start a normal life routine in the next few days.

We also happened to get a few pictures in the backyard, with some especially good shots of Alex. I thought I’d share those too for those who are interested. I know a few of you are looking for pictures to share.

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  1. It is great to see the pictures. Yes, a slow routine is necessary. you both know what is needed. No advice from me. Is Bacchus sleeping in the boys room? Does he follow them around? Love ya. Mom

  2. It somehow strikes me, the wonder, the fasination and importance of the “moment” we’ve been allowed to receive… for it will forever, be one of the magical experiences, that has contributed to each of our lives.

    I’ve always been interested in photography, pictures and the stories they each tell… and in the past month, there has been a veritable “flood” of such “stories”. I’ve saved each and every one… and well forsee, I will do so for many, many times in the future…

    Christopher (that unfortunately for him, is the only name I’ve ever called him), Lara, Alex and Evan, have each obtained a gift of awe and wonder, that will forever, make up who they are… but they’ve given us each the same gift… to share.


  3. Sounds like a fun day. I like the way Alex and Evan took off their “shades” to survey what was going on at Monkey Island. They look mesmerized. Hope the monkeys were acting civilized:-) It’s great to see you all looking so good!

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