Today was yet another big day, with our first visit to the pediatrician. I don’t think the boys are ever going to want to go back. Alex got 4 vacinations, Evan got 5, and both of them also had a good deal of blood drawn for some lab work. You can imagine how they reacted. They got the shots in the thighs, and by tonight both of them could hardly walk. Evan kept saying “vwa-vwa” (boo-boo) and pointing to his legs.

The good news is that the doctor saw nothing to be concerned about. Both boys are on the small side, as we knew, but both actually seemed to have gained some ground already. We’ll be back in 3 months for a check-up to see how things are progressing.

After a 2.5 hour doctor’s visit, we thought it would be a good time to introduce the boys to the local McDonald’s (with playground). They reacted about like you might expect, although the shots were already starting to wear them down.

We spent some time playing in the backyard. One of the new toys is the tunnel. We got some good video of this too, but I don’t have time to process it right now. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll update this post.

For dinner, we had spaghetti. You can probably guess that by the pictures. We just couldn’t resist another opportunity to embarrass them down the road!

Outside of that, no real news for today. We’re settling in reasonably well. Perhaps the biggest problem is separation anxiety. We are intentionally leaving the house for brief periods to get them used to the idea that we can leave and come back, but right now, they both start screaming if either of us goes somewhere. Sometimes, they’ll even scream if we just go upstairs for a few seconds. Obviously, we have to get past that, and in time we will.

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  1. I am so happy reading these updates. Bacchus is a real trooper also. The boys are adjusting well. Thank you both so much for these pictures and write up. I know it takes time. Love MOM

  2. Chris and Lara, we have with great interest been following your journey. What a story you will have to reminisce with Evan and Alex in the years to come!

    Ron and Mary Kay

  3. OUCH! I feel for those little guys getting all those shots. Glad to hear they’re otherwise in good shape. Their anxiety is certainly understandable — right now, you two are their only anchor to a whole new and very different world from what they’re used to. Your approach to helping them adjust sounds like a good one, along with keeping them busy and well fed. And speaking of well fed, I hope that spaghetti tasted as good as it looks:-)

  4. What one of us can not identify with the trama we experience at an early doctor visit… not the “pain” of a parent, looking on, as our childred received their first sets of innoculations…

    … but what a day!

    McDonalds, followed up by spahgetti (along with some GREAT pictures to document it)!!


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