This weekend was the annual Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian (REECA) camp, known around our house as “Russia camp”, which is run by Heritage Camp for Adoptive Families. This marked our third year at Russia camp, and the boys seem to get more and more into it each year. The camp provides  an excellent opportunity for adoptive families to meet other families with children from similar backgrounds and situations. The boys have met several friends (including a few very close to home), and so have we.

It doesn’t hurt that the camp is conducted at the YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch facility in the mountains outside of Fraser, Colorado. It’s an easy getaway for us, and the scenery isn’t too shabby.

We did the standard roller skating on Friday night. The boys are both finally starting to be able to stand and even skate a little on their own. Evan even made a new friend when we skated over to this little girl and asked if she wanted to hold his hand. I didn’t know whether to be choked up or freaked out!

This year the boys were old enough to try the indoor archery range. Alex wasn’t quite ready to handle the bow, which was taller than he was, but Evan took to it like a natural. He even quit being goofy for the entire hour and really focused. You can see just from the couple of pictures that we took.

We tried fishing again, but alas, no fish. This time we tried live worms instead of just the salmon eggs. It was the classic scene where the boys get freaked out about holding the worm, but by the second or third time we baited the hook, they both got in there and got their hands dirty. Now if we could just get one to bite…

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  1. Lara, did the roller skating bring back memories for you? I love all the activities the boys had offered to them and the other kids. What a great time to make new friends,and see others. Tell them I am so happy for them and you both.

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