OK, so maybe this isn’t the kind of title you were expecting here, but this is one of those stories we just have to tell. After dinner tonight, we were playing in the family room. All of the sudden, Alex decides he wants to play a game called “bye-bye”. In this game, he walks into another room and says “bye-bye”, and then comes back in a few seconds later. The process repeats itself ad infinitum.

Pretty soon, Evan decides he’s going to join in, and add some twists. He starts off with the standard “bye-bye”. After 5 or 10 rounds, he starts adding in commentary, such as “Evan truck” (Evan’s going to ride in the truck), “Evan airplane” (Evan is going to ride in an airplane), “Evan shopping” (Evan is going shopping), etc. Then, he starts taking personal possessions along with him.

It started off with just putting on his shoes. Each trip he would have to grab one more thing. Next, he put on his Halloween glasses. Then he grabbed his school backpack. Then he took his water bottle. Then he took a toy truck. Then he took his hat. Then he took a picture of himself with a pumpkin…

Have you ever seen Steve Martin in “The Jerk”? All I need is this paddleball game… Even Evan’s demeanor was exactly like Natan’s as he went through the scene. He was so serious about it, Lara and I were both rolling. Of course, that just fanned the flames. Yet another “where is my camera?” moment, with no camera to be seen. Luckily, we have finally given in and ordered a replacement video camera. It should be here by the weekend, so hopefully we’ll start capturing these scenes once again.

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  1. Okay… just a quick update, after I spoke with you at the park on Sunday afternoon. I’ve pretty well got everything transitioned to “Firefox”… although still expect to replace the HD later this week. Meanwhile, I did a quick “check” on your new camera… so am looking forward to some of the “samples”.

    Sure am glad to hear of the positive outlook for Evan… and of the continued growth of the adaptation and language skills of BOTH of the boys!


  2. I love these stories. Can’t wait until the boys grow alittle and you are able to let them read the stories and marvel at the changes. Enjoy the visit with Gary and Judy. My love to them. Mom/Grandma

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