We had a pretty slow morning. I was still sending back all of my food through the day, so I wasn’t able to help too much. Lara handled things through lunch like a champ. Then we went to meet our friends Matt and Michelle, with their 3 year-old twins, Ali and Nissa, at the park down the open space from our house.

It was Evan’s and Alex’s first time in an American park. They were pretty tentative at first. There were several other kids there, all speaking English of course. Eventually, they joined the fray and explored all of the equipment. Several people brought their dogs to the park, which gave the boys an opportunity to get up close and personal. They were very interested in the bigger dogs, but couldn’t bring themselves to get too close. One woman had a lap dog that the boys felt comfortable petting, unless the dog turned to look at them, at which point they had to pull back. We’re getting a little nervous about introducing them to Bacchus on Monday.

The woman with the lap dog turned out to be from the Ukraine, and chatted with the boys in Russian. What are the odds?!? She knew people who had adopted children from Ukraine, and was very surprised by how comfortable Evan and Alex appeared to be given this was just their second day in America.

All in all, we spent 2.5 hours at the park, and even then Evan through a tantrum upon leaving. Our neighbors helped load us up on some more groceries, so we were all set through Sunday’s lunch. We’ve been very thankful for the amount of support we’ve been given from all around.

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  1. Wow – you guys already have the Christmas card photo eh?

  2. It’s great to see the guys having fun and hear that they are meeting other kids. Can’t wait to hear about their reaction to meeting big brother Bacchus — and, of course, Bacchus’s reaction to them! I’m sure they’ll turn out to be great pals as soon as they figure each other out. Your first family photo adorns our refrigerator.

  3. Congratulations!! What a wonderful sight to see you all together at home! We have been following your ups and downs these past few weeks and are appreciative that you have shared them with your family. Your blog has been a fantastic way to get to know our newest family members and we look forward to watching them bloom!
    All the best, Beth and Johs

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