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Camping on French Creek

We had another nice weather weekend, so we decided to drive up along the Georgia Pass road in search of a dispersed camp site. We needed our off-road ability again, as all of the sites near the road were taken by 2:00 on Friday. Luckily, we were up to the challenge!

We found a nice site down a steep path leading to French Creek, about a mile off of the road. It was secluded, and had just enough views of the surrounding mountains. Unfortunately a fire ban had been put in place so we were not able to observe most of the car camping traditions (no s’mores), but we still had a great weekend.

On Saturday we hiked up the trail towards French Pass. About 3 miles in, Evan declared that he was going no further. Try as we might to coax him along, he simply wasn’t budging. So we called it a day and hiked back to the trailhead. All in all, it was a nice location that is easy to reach from the Denver metro. I’m sure we’ll try this one again.

Memorial Day Hike

Like so many people during these times, we are itching to get outside whenever we can. After a cool and rainy Sunday, we had a very nice spring day for Memorial Day. We decided to take on the next challenge of “Decoding Douglas”, a series of hikes through open space parks in Douglas County. Each hike has a marker placed somewhere along it, with an emblem that reveals your next destination.

Today’s hike was at the Lincoln Mountain open space, east of Larkspur. This park has a couple of different options with reasonable length loop hikes. The terrain is easy going, with just enough elevation and scenery to keep it interesting. It looks like a good place for a bike ride later in the summer.

We chose a 4 mile loop up across the mesa and around the boundary of the park. It was a great day to be outdoors. The clouds started rolling in again toward the end of the hike, obscuring what looks to be a nice view of Pike’s Peak at the right time. We’ll keep looking for that moment.

Hiking at Dawson Butte

It was a beautiful spring day, so we decided to continue our exploration of the Douglas County open space parks. This time we headed to Larkspur and the Dawson Butte trail. It’s a five mile loop hike that is relatively flat, but yet provides some nice scenery of the foothills and surrounding terrain. The figure below shows the route.

Track of our 5 mile hike overlaid on a topo map.

The clouds rolled in and out, keeping it reasonable cool throughout the hike. The boys played along nicely, although Alex would have rather spent the afternoon riding bikes with some friends from school. He had a hard time masking his lack of enthusiasm in some of the pictures below.

Like most people around the country, we’re ready to move past the Coronavirus isolation and have some sense of normal activity. Days like this help, when we can get out and about and see something other than our immediate neighborhood. Hopefully you’re finding similar escapes and keeping yourselves safe and sane in the meantime.

Hiking the Abyss

I normally call an end to the backpacking season by early September. This year the weather seemed to nice I decided to try one more night with the aspens starting to change. I chose the Abyss trail on the west side of the Mount Evans wilderness area for it’s easy access and what I hoped would lead to some stunning scenery.

I didn’t have much time to research the area, so I was constantly on the lookout for decent camp sites. I came across one I liked just about 3 miles up the trail and decided to settle in. I ended up wishing I had kept pushing up the trail, as I’m sure the views near treeline would have been fantastic, but as you can see it was a pretty nice location.