Aluminum Overcast

An older gentlemen approached us at a playground a few weeks back, and asked us if our boys like airplanes. We thought it strange at first, but he just wanted to let us know that Wings Over the Rockies would be flying a B-17 into Centennial Airport this fall, and that they would be giving tours. If that man hadn’t come and talked to us, we would never have known (Wings Over the Rockies could use some marketing help, if anyone is interested).

The plane is called “Aluminum Overcast”, and has been (mostly) restored to WWII condition. We arrived just in time to watch it take off for a brief flight before we got to tour. Unfortunately, rides cost $575/person for a 24-minute flight, so we decided against a family ride. We did get to walk around up close, and tour through most of the interior. The boys thought the gun turrets were especially cool. There was a WWII veteran on site that was a turret gunner during the war. He definitely had some interesting stories to tell.

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