Lara found a list of wildflower hikes in the area. Given the wet winter in the mountains, we were hoping there would still be some decent flowers even this late in the summer. Boy, were there ever.

The hike we chose was called the Fourth of July trail, just west of Nederland, and on the southern border of Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s proximity to Boulder makes it a very popular area. There was a ranger stationed on the road that warned us there would be no place to park at the trailhead.

We lucked into a place to park at a different trail, and during the time it took to eat our picnic lunch, the road to the Fourth of July trailhead was opened. A second lucky break of the day!

It was a pretty hike, with nice weather along the way. We crossed several streams and waterfalls, and made it up to an old mining camp near Arapaho Pass. There was just a handful of old equipment left behind, but the boys enjoyed exploring just the same.

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