Evan had a pretty exciting day yesterday. He turned 4 years old, went to a friend’s birthday party at Pump It Up, came home to open his own presents, had an Easter egg hunt in the afternoon, and went out to dinner with a bunch from the neighborhood before coming home for birthday cake. Throw in a smattering of phone calls/messages from grandparents, and he’s figured out that this birthday thing is pretty cool. Of course, not every birthday will land on the Saturday before Easter, so we’ll see if he’s disappointed next year.

It’s been fun listening him tell everyone that he turned 4 years old, and has now attained all the privileges and rights tied to that momentous milestone. For example, he is now allowed to climb into his booster seat on his own, without needing the safety buckle. He was so proud, that seemed to follow about half of his statements about turning 4 yesterday.

The neighborhood Easter egg hunt has gained some new energy. There have been several families with young children that have moved in around the circle over the last couple of years, so we had a pretty good crowd for the event yesterday. Both boys got right into the act. Evan collected 20 eggs in about 10 minutes, and proceeded to eat about 10 eggs worth of candy in about 5 minutes. Alex was of course a little slower, and wasn’t so keen on meeting the Easter Bunny, but had a great time nonetheless.

This morning both boys were excited to see that the Easter Bunny had visited the house last night, and left them a couple of toys and a big chocolate bunny. We had a beautiful spring weekend here, with lots of sun and mild breezes. It’s nice to start getting the boys more outside time. Evan is honing his gymnast skills on the swing set, and Alex is building core strength climbing the slide backwards. All in all things are going fine. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too.

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  1. What a fun time. Wish we were there, but these photos/video are the next best thing. Thanks! They really show how the guys are developing and how well they are doing. You’re great parents and we love you all!

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