Spring is in full swing in Colorado, and we figured it was high time for both some bike rides and kite flying. Some friends of Lara’s had a used bike trailer that was perfect for Alex, and we splurged at the REI spring member’s sale for a “WeeHoo” for Evan. The WeeHoo is also a trailer, but the child sits in a seat and can pedal. The final piece of the puzzle was a bike for Lara. We went shopping Friday afternoon and picked one out. She told me “it has been a while” since she rode a bike, but she didn’t tell me until we were at the store that it had been since high school! Luckily the saying is true – it’s like riding a bike.

So we tried out all our new toys on a ride to a new park on Sunday afternoon. Both boys loved it. Alex said “more!” Evan said “eta fun!” It also helped that the park we rode to was next to an elementary school with 3 additional playgrounds. Oh, the choices! I only thought to take a picture of Alex in his trailer. I’ll have to get on of Evan on his later.

Later that afternoon we walked to our local park for some kite flying. The wind was somewhat uncooperative, and it’s probably been 30 years since either Lara or I flew a kite, but we managed. I think the boys enjoyed that even more than riding bikes. Alex couldn’t stop giggling for the first 20 minutes. Evan ran up and down the field trying to get his in the air. What a great way to burn off that excess energy!

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  1. My nephews are gorgeous! We’ve been into new kites up here lately as well.

    I love the American flag kite. Just curious, do you guys feel like going through this adoption process has in some way made you feel more patriotic?

    I have a great memory of sitting in the back of Dad’s Blazer with Christopher on the way down to Galveston, where we used to go to fly kites at the beach. “Mommy” had given us a bunch of fabric to tear into strips and tie into an old fashioned kite tail. It kept us busy for the ride down there. The drive was only about 30 minutes, but for kids headed to the beach and Grandma’s house, that was long ride. We tied and tied and tied. Gosh, those tails must have been at least 10 feet long, but our dime store Gala kites flew high and steady.

    Kites were one of those big things we did as kids. I’m so glad to know that we’re both sharing that with our own children. I can’t wait for all the kids to get together and fly some kites. Maybe this summer. 🙂

    Aunt Nana

  2. You just can’t beat the fun kids will have with a kite… nor an 800 feet deep backyard, perfectly aligned into strong, Springtime afternoon winds!


    Great pictures, as usual…


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