We took advantage of the second week of the boys Spring Break to fly down to Pensacola to visit Great-Grandpa Red, as well as Grandpa Dave, Grandma Kathy, and Uncle Andrew. After flying into New Orleans and making the 3.5 hour drive to Pensacola, we just had time for a quick visit with Great-Grandpa Red before heading back to the condo on the first night.

The next day, we went to visit the Aviation Museum at the naval base in Pensacola. As we pulled in, we found the place was swarming with tourists. We cam to learn that we stumbled upon a Blue Angels practice session, so we skipped the museum and headed out to the flight line to catch the show. What a thrill! During one of the high speed passes in front of the audience, a 3rd plane buzzes the audience from behind on afterburners. The boys nearly hit the ground, they were so surprised. It took them a few minutes to get their wits back, but eventually they both agreed that “it was cool.”

After another brief visit with Red, we hit the beach. It was a beautiful day, but the water was a little cold and choppy. Nevertheless, the boys had a good time jumping over waves and digging in the sand.

The next day, we took another run at the museum, where the boys were able to sit in several “cockpits”, and flip levers and push buttons to their hearts’ content. We went back to the beach in the afternoon. The second day was a bit warmer, but still not quite enough for swimming. We built some sand castles, including one with a “pool”, that we would watch flood and drain as the waves crashed in.

The next day, we were back in the car to start the trip home. It was a short trip, but we all had a great time, and the boys really enjoyed seeing the Phillips family again. On top of that, we managed to sneak in a brief visit with Grandpa Ashley, Grandma Barb, and a few of the cousin’s that were meeting in New Orleans before getting back on the plane. What a week!

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  1. Excellent photos depicting the great time we all had in Pensacola — especially Great Grandpa Red, who really enjoyed seeing how the boys (and all of us!) have grown and changed over the year. It was a short but very special time together that I’ll always remember with such great pride and love for every member of our family.

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