We had the annual Clyde Circle Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. The crowd seems to be getting smaller, but the number of eggs is multiplying! The boys were much more into the event this year than last. They were practicing finding eggs for a week before the big event. When the starting signal was given, they both tore directly into the eggs. It helped that Evan was 1 week shy of being moved into the second tier of kids, so he was pretty much the biggest and fastest in the initial wave. He did his best to scoop up all 600 eggs before the second wave was released.

Stopping to smell the flowers I still have room for one more! Now we can be friends Anxious for the start And they're off! This one's mine, and that one's mine, and... Who put that up there? Yum!

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  1. Wow, they are really growing up. Even their young features are changing. You want to just hug them.
    Tell the boys I love them very much. Mom and Grandma Dani

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