We finally broke down and brought the boys skiing. We enrolled them in a group lesson rather than trying to fight them down the mountain ourselves. Both of them did great. At the end, they both begged to come back, and the instructor said they were doing really well, and were ready to move up to the second instruction level.

I was a little worried at first. It was a very cold morning (about -7° F), and kids ski gear just isn’t that good. We had them bundled up as best we could (as you can see in the pictures – you’ll just have to trust me that this is them!). They both made it just fine, with no complaints whatsoever.

I didn’t get to see much of them in action, but I did get to see the first run down the bunny slope. It was a thrill for us all. Hopefully, we’ll be skiing as a family soon. Here are a few snapshots to mark the event.

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  1. Oh how thrilling. yes, they are bundled up, could they move? What an adventure. Love it.
    Love Mom

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