I know, I know. We’ve fallen well behind with our postings. All I can say is that it has been a very busy winter. Of course, the boys keep us (OK, mostly Lara) running. They’ve been in basketball, baseball, swimming, karate, and 2 different tumbling/gymnastics programs. I’ve also been pretty swept up in work. We’re in the middle of our environmental test program, which involves a battery of non-stop testing leading up to shipping to the Cape this summer. On top of all that, we’ve had our basement refinished. The idea was to provide some play area for the cold and short winter days. Unfortunately, it has taken us the entire winter to finish. The good news is that we’re pretty much done, and the boys are loving it.

I’ve decided the simplest thing to do is to write a single “catch-up” post, rather than trying to reconstruct the last few months in pieces. The captions should pretty much say it all. We’ve been to park, the zoo, the tubing hill, the sledding hill, and a slew of birthday parties. Alex turned 4 a couple of weeks ago, and the big gift was a scooter. We accidentally wrapped Evan’s scooter for Alex, so when he opened that, Evan got an early birthday present too. It all worked out for the best, since we’ve been able to go out together on scooter rides rather than waiting for Evan’s birthday to roll around (just 2 more weeks).

Alex has been continuing to struggle with ear infections. He’s recovering from another one as I write this. We tried to get him a second set of tubes a month ago, but he was too sick for the anesthesia. He went back in on Thursday, and while he was under the doctor decided that his tonsils were so large they were restricting his breathing while he was sleeping, so she yanked them out too. What a surprise for Alex when he woke up totally hoarse!

We’ve been asking about his tonsils for a while. They looked like little grapefruits in the back of his throat. The doctors continued to tell us that they weren’t a problem, but it didn’t seem right. Once they came out, he immediately began vocalizing more sounds. It wasn’t a miracle cure, but we both feel that he’s made a huge leap in his verbal skills in just the last few days. It’s another case of common sense trumping medical science.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. We’ll try to get around to more regular updates – when the boys give us a break!

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