We’ve now started our second cycle of annual events. The Chatfield Pumpkin Festival was our first family event last year. Despite the overcrowding and our exhaustion, we all had fun, so we decided to give it another try this year. This time, the boys understood what all those little carnival rides were, and joined in the fun much more enthusiastically. No, the pictures aren’t showing a fashion statement. It was a surprisingly hot day for mid October, so the guys had to strip down to their undershirts.

As the “first” for this update, both boys did the pony ride. It was just a little 60 second walk up and down the edge of a corn field, but they both got a kick out of sitting on a horse. Unfortunately, the way the pumpkin patch was set up this year did not lend itself to such good pictures. To make things worse, the boys focused on a section of patch that had either dead sunflowers or concession stands in the background – not so picturesque.

We thought it was also worth showing Evan’s new “big boy bed”. He’s outgrown the toddler bed, so we went ahead and decked out his room with a new paint job (he requested “Hulk” green and “Captain America” blue) and furniture. He’s been incredibly excited about having his own room. We thought it would be a circus for the first few nights, but I think the first couple of nights were the best sleep either one of them has ever had! They’re back in their routine of late nights and early mornings now, but the transition to separate rooms has been a resounding success.

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  1. I looked at all the pictures from the Gotchaday celebration, visit with Great Grandpop and the pumpkin
    patch, as well as Evan’s new room. Oh what fun and great pictures. Love them. Mom and Grandma Dani.

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