We’ve fallen a bit behind in posting news. We don’t have a huge amount to share, but we’ve had a couple of fairly big events over the last couple of weeks. We celebrated our first Halloween this year. Yes, we were home for Halloween last year, but it was too fresh to try something as crazy as trick-or-treating. This year, we were all in.

It started on Sunday night with pumpkin carving. We were all a little out of practice, but we ended up with something resembling a jack-o-lantern. As you might expect with a couple of young boys, the best part was pulling out all the goo. They just couldn’t get dirty enough! For the big night, the boys chose Avenger costumes, and after the first tentative doorbell ring they were off to the races. They had a blast gathering a pumpkin full of candy, but I think they had just as much fun handing out candy to the older kids who were still out after we finished our rounds.

To wrap it up, Evan decided to hop on his bike the next weekend with no training wheels. We’d been practicing with a “balance bike” (Google it – we didn’t know what it was either), but we were still pretty sure we’d be pushing him throughout the ride. We didn’t go more than 100 yards, and he was off to the races. He even managed to stop without falling! He’s still working on getting started, but he’s on his way to the big boy bike!

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  1. Not many folks my age, are likely to truly remember their first Halloween or “Trick or Treating”… nor even the very first time I was able to fully balance on a 2-wheel bicycle… thus once again, you’ve managed to capture moments that far later in their lives, they will be able to live once more, as few will ever manage to do! (I can more easily recall the mischief of some later Halloweens, I likely should never share with my grandchildren!)


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