I spent three days this week at Science Camp during my school’s spring break. It was so much fun! I built wood stuff, like a “krunk car”, a race boat, and a people maker machine. I also conducted experiments with rainbow gel, homemade fizzy bath soap, glow slime, and some other kind of goo called “Oobleck.”

The best part came today, when we got to make all kinds of rockets. We made a soda bottle rocket, an air rocket, and one with vinegar and baking soda. My favorite is the vinegar rocket, because it’s fun to make it launch.

Tomorrow I have gymnastics camp. I’m going to play in the pit!

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  1. We now have a creative scientist in our family. May he keep up the good work and have fun.
    Love you Evan. Grandma Dani

  2. Hey Evan! Science Camp looks really cool! You sure got to do a lot of new things. The rockets sounds really neat. We are very proud of you Evan! Have a great day a gymnastics and thanks for sending us your post and your pictures! Love, Grandpa Dave and Grandma Kathy

  3. Wow! Sure looks like you had a fun time and made lots of great things. We really enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading about your days. Thank you, Evan, for sharing! Love Grandma Judy and Grandpa Gary

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