With a week off for fall break, we decided to take the boys back to Pensacola for another visit with Great-Grandpa Red and a few days of beach time. The trip started off a little shaky. Some major storms passed through the panhandle the first night. We could hardly find the condo, and when we did, we spent most of the night worrying whether the cracked patio door was going to shatter in the wind. It all held together though, and the next few days were gorgeous.

We obviously spent some time on the beach each day. The first day had the red flags out as the surf was still pretty chopped up from the storm, but it got progressively better each day. We also did some touring around NAS Pensacola, including a hike up the light house (Alex’s favorite), and another round of Blue Angels practice. It was tough to head back home so soon, but we had a great few days and are looking forward to another trip back.

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