Nothing too adventurous happened today. The doctor came by at 7am. Despite the fact that such an early call on a Sunday made our hostess more than a bit annoyed, there were no glitches. He believes both boys are healthy, and won’t require any special follow-up when we get home. Of course, we’ll have our own pediatrician confirm it, but that’s always good to hear. The doctor’s assessment is a requisite part of the immigration process. The embassy requires a certified doctor to examine the children as part of the mound of paperwork.

Perhaps the only bit of other news today is that we learned we will not have any appointments tomorrow after all. Constantine stopped by this afternoon to say that Olga is busy, and will not be dragging us around tomorrow. She will submit the papers to the embassy herself. There is a 24 hour waiting period before we all have to go in for an interview. I didn’t realize that all we had to do today was turn in papers. Something seemed strange. We asked, what about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Constantine gave a puzzled “good question” look, and simply said, “Olga will call you.”

This made both of us a bit nervous about the next couple of days, but Mila says that we are in good hands, and that Olga is the most reliable person she knows. We can only hope so. We’re entirely dependent upon her to make sure we go to all the right places and submit all the right papers…

Today was a pretty crummy weather day. We did venture out for a few hours again, to get some lunch and wander around the park, but the rain and cold drove us back inside. Being penned up sent Evan into hyperdrive. Today probably set a new “timeout” benchmark, but nothing serious or unusual. I think a lot of it was that by this evening both boys were so tired because of the early wake-up call and no nap. Alex could hardly stand up by the time we declared bedtime. It’s pretty cool that when we ask them if they want to go to sleep (Tee hochesh spat?”) and they both say “Da.”

Since I didn’t get any noteworthy pictures today, I thought I’d try to give you an idea of where we are. Thanks to the magic of Google Maps, here is the general location in the Moscow metro area:

And here is the neighborhood, showing our apartment, the park, and the open-air market:


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  1. Glad you had a quiet day for a change and that the boys passed their physicals. Also sounds like they’re getting used to the daily routine of the Waters’ family. Hope all else goes well this week and there are no bureaucratic surprises. Do the boys know about the big plane ride to come?

  2. As you would suspect I would do, I went on the “Americanized” version of Google Earth, which by my interpretation, provides a better image resolution… but most of all, has scores of pictures (if you activate that mode), attached all around the area (including more and more pictures, if you “zoom in”. One of the “tags” attached at the SW corner of your apartment complex, indicates the address is “10 Kostyakova Street”. To find the locations you identified:
    Apartment – 55 48 53.91N 37 34 16.75E
    Park Dubki – 55 49 12.30N 37 33 55.48E
    Market – 55 49 06.46N 37 34 32.70E
    As in the apartment location, there are multiple pictures appended to Park Dubki. The “market” you identified appears to have three 25 story apartment buildings across the street.

    I REALLY appreciate the “medical update”… but once again, did not realize the whole of the process would be that complex. I had assumed that you would merely go to the U.S. Embassy and apply for a visa… so now am “wondering” just when you can expect to receive the visas “in hand”.

    After taking the effort to further learn “more precisely” how far north Moscow is… it’s close to the latitude of Dawson Creek, BC… well north of Edmonton, Alberta. No wonder it’s so cold there in the winter!

    Time for Sunday evening supper here (5:40 PM)… 2:40 AM Monday morning, assuming you’ve been fast asleep for several hours!


  3. Glad to hear the physicals went well. Just think, 3 days and the four of you are on your way home. Hope the next days go well. It’s always great to open your website and read the current posting – as with us, I imagine all of “your faithful followers” hold it as a highlight of their day! Another thank you from all of us for sharing your “story about building a family”. All my love to an amazing family!

  4. I am glad you are all in Moscow. Next step is home. I know all these write ups
    will be a fantastic diary later on for the boys. You both are wonderful. I just
    love you both very much. I loved all the pictures of the kids in the park. I have a feeling they will be taking turns testing you both. You haven’t killed them yet, so you will all survive. You have so much love to give these boys, as well as each other. Makes my heart swell. Love MOM

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