The day before Easter was a beautiful Saturday across Colorado. We took advantage of the weather to go for a bike ride through the Dawson Butte open space park near Larkspur. It’s a nice 5-mile loop, with some gentle rolling single track that’s a good balance for the whole family. You’ll notice in the video that at least Evan tended to take the trail a little faster than Lara.

The video doesn’t seem to be working, please check back again soon, or try this link:

Dawson Butte Bike Ride

After the bike ride, it was time for the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. The boys have outgrown the hunt, but Evan volunteered to play the roll of “Easter Bunny” for the neighborhood kids. He did a great job, and helped the littler ones really enjoy the event.

Evan and Lara ready for the egg hunt
The Easter Bunny makes an appearance

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  1. Evan, I am just now seeing the pictures of you in the bunny costume for the Easter egg hunt. Like Grandma Dani, I am also very proud of you for your willingness to be the Easter bunny for the younger kids. I bet the kids enjoyed it a lot!
    Love, Grandma Judy

  2. I watched the youtube video. Lara, you weren’t that wobbly. I also like the pictures of Evan. I am very proud of him helping the kids. Love you all
    Grandma Dani

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