My birthday was pretty good. I didn’t like that I couldn’t get sushi. The restaurant we wanted to go to was closed because of the Coronavirus. The presents that I got were a mp3 player and some stickers and other cool stuff. But my favorite part was spending time opening presents with my family.

12th birthday portrait.
Me at twelve years old.

I love my new trampoline. I love to bounce on my butt and do flips, and front hand springs. It took a long time to get the springs in, but we finally figured it out with a little teamwork. I pushed on one side with my legs so dad could put the springs on the side. Now it’s in and I can jump.

Ready to bounce on my butt.
I can bounce high.


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  1. Evan, I enjoyed reading your post and seeing the pictures of your birthday the the trampoline. That trampoline is awesome! You look like you are really enjoying it. Love you, Grandma Judy

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