We received word today from Dr. Stubbs that the biopsy of the tumor does indicate lymphoma. For the possible cancer types, this is the best we could have hoped for for treatment. The company that does the biopsy wants to do further special staining which will hopefully help us understand what chemo treatments, and how many, would be needed. We are now trying to get an appointment with the oncologist as she only works Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Chris will take Bacchus tomorrow morning to get the staples out, and we’re hoping we can go to a 2x per day meal offering, and perhaps even allow him to come upstairs at night to sleep in our room.  I’m sure Bacchus would rather know when he can have his first Greenie…

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  1. I am so happy for Bacchus and everyone. My prayers do work. Love Mom

  2. Lara; That’s some wonderful news… and rest assured, there are a lot of smiles on this end!

    Once again, my “gut instinct” is serving me well, for it reckons that all will be just fine.

    Bacchus has two little boys in his life… and rest assured, he will ALWAYS be in theirs…


  3. Prayers will continue for Bacchus and his family.

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