Many of you have heard about the snow storm that hit Denver this weekend. It turns out to be the biggest February snowfall to ever hit Colorado, breaking the previous record set 100 years ago. The forecast starting on Thursday was for 8-10″. Thursday night that was revised to 10-15″. Even Friday morning, as the brunt of the storm was settling in, the weathermen were saying that we should expect no more than 15″. Well, I figure we got at least 24″. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

As you might imagine, shoveling has been job #1 over the last couple of days. Today turned into another neighborhood shovel party, although many of the neighbors have broken down and are now sporting shiny new snowblowers.  I have to admit, I was pretty thankful when our neighbor John started blowing out the plow pile in front of our driveway.

The thing about Denver is, 2′ of snow hardly makes people flinch. The boys’ swim lessons were still on for 8:30 this morning. So we started our day at the pool. Both boys are really starting to catch on, but Evan especially. This was his first lesson, after about 6-8 visits to the pool. One of the other parents asked how many times he had been in lessons, because he seemed to be swimming like a fish.

Later, we got a little play time out in the back yard, which is where most of today’s pictures come from. Both boys found it pretty difficult to maneuver in the snow, but after we stomped down a few paths for them, we had fun building a snowman, and a couple of snow forts. We were planning a family picture around the snowman built with the kit from Aunt Alana, but Evan decided to knock the snowman’s head off just before we could take it. That was the beginning of the end for Evan. He kind of turned into a stinker through the afternoon. So much so that we had to skip his friend Ella’s birthday party tonight. It was just a passing storm – probably because of all the activity with no naps. By evening, he had settled back down and actually asked to go to bed at 8:00. Wonders never cease.

We continue to wait for the biopsy results from the mass they removed from Bacchus. Hopefully we’ll have that on Monday. We can hardly stand the wait any longer. In the meanwhile, Bacchus is returning to his normal self. His appetite has returned, and then some. He even managed to get out a #2 yesterday! Right now our biggest challenge is keeping him sedate enough. He just wants to get in the action with the family. We take that as a great sign, but it is still frustrating to try to keep him calm when we would all love nothing more than to play with him.  We’ll pass on word whenever we hear something.

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  1. I love the write up, pictures and video. I feel I am there every time. You have all that snow, and we
    are 74 deg. Something is wrong with our picture here, it is still winter. Love and kisses, Mom and
    Grandma Dani

  2. I was drawn to study… then re-study the picture of Evan, which you captioned “Making Hose”. The lighting, the colors, the focus are little short of “perfect”. I can only urge you to have AT LEAST and 8X10… or more likely, an 11X17 print made of, for what will be a “lifetime” treasure to have for both of you… and eventually for Evan. It’s truly a “keeper”!

    Same thing goes for Alex in the “Lovin the Snow” image… just a precious, for all time picture, of a little boy.

    I have SAVED every one of these pictures in their large format size… and added them to the SD card in the scanning image display!

    Once again, what a GREAT idea!!


  3. Great pictures and video – it’s always so much fun to get the updates. Sounds and looks like lots of happy people! So glad to hear Bacchus continues to do well. We will keep praying the news from the biopsy will be positive. Love to all!

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