Olga came back to Bryansk today to work with the family from Thornton on their adoption. As usual, that meant a totally unplannable day, and very few pictures. Here are a couple of the boys showing off for our guests when they came by for a visit. As promised, I’m also posting a handful from yesterday’s stroll through the city on a very fine fall day on yesterday’s “It’s Always Something” post.

Today started off with the usual events – the boys waking up around 6 or so, and us coaxing them to sleep just a few minutes more. Then it was breakfast, clean up, showers, and then Olga called. She took us back to Karachev to go to the bank and withdraw some money the state had given Alex because of his father’s death. It was to be donated straight to the orphanage. We don’t even know how much it was, but it couldn’t have been worth the effort. All four of us were stuck in the bank lobby for nearly two hours over lunch time. That’s pretty much a nightmare for two toddlers, but I guess it’s just a preview of our plane ride.

What we didn’t realize is that our trip to Karachev would involve a stop at the Children’s Home. We were worried about the boys’ reaction. As we pulled in, they both got very quiet, and had very big eyes. We decided it would be best not to get out of the car. That just goes to show you how fresh the memories still are, and how fragile our bond can be. In the end, I think it was actually a good reminder that we need to continue developing a life-long trust with them.

We got back to Bryansk just before 4:00, which left us in a quandry about what to do for meals. We decided on an early “Lupper” (lunch/supper). Then our friends came by and we chatted about their progress and the lessons that we’ve learned. It was very nice to talk to some native English speakers!

Then it was back to the normal routine of snack, bath, teethbrushing, reading books, and bed time. I’m actually quite proud of the routine we have developed, and how successful we’ve been at getting the boys to sleep since that first night. Again, thank you Super Nanny!

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  1. Got your Thurday evening post… and for a moment, could only identify with “fear” you described with Evan and Alex realizing they were back at the orphanage… and then I thought, that perhaps might have been a “good thing”, as they would perceive the reality being, they are now and forever “with YOU!”

    Also studied the pictures and tried to relate their need for a “nap”, no matter how pleasent the day and outing. Perhaps many, many years form now… such pictures will more and more be meaningful to them…

    Hope you don’t mind… but as I went to dinner in town at one of the local “cafe/restaurants” today with my friend Earl (who knows every politician in this part of the country), as I was introduced to “some”, I just had to show some of the pictures of my new “grandsons”… and without question, each one had a host of questions of how you guys are doing!

    … and of course, saved all of the pictures from yesterday and today!

    More later (hope you’re feeling better)… SIX more days!


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