We leave in the morning for our second trip. This time there is an odd mix of calm and apprehension. At least we know what to expect on the travel side. There is much less stress, and our suitcases are both smaller and lighter. Still, we can’t help but feel nervous about the decision facing us. All we can do is hope that that the correct path will be obvious to us once we get there.

The plans have shifted a bit. We’ll be spending Sunday night in Moscow, and leaving for Bryansk Monday evening. We decided to stay at the Hotel Arbat again. The accommodations aren’t great, but at least we know what we’re getting. We may or may not attempt to access the WiFi in the hotel, since nothing in Moscow is free. We’ll just have to see how that goes.

Olga has arranged for us to tour the Kremlin Monday afternoon. That should be interesting. It was odd enough walking around the perimeter last time. Our understanding is that cameras are not allowed, so the pictures of Moscow will likely be fewer this tim around.

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be an early morning. We’re going to head off to bed to see what sleep we can get. This may be the last posting for a couple of days, but we should at least be able to let everyone know when we’ve made it to Bryansk. In the mean time, we definitely appreciate all the messages of support!

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  1. Again, prayers and hugs are with you both. May all your wishes come true. Give a hug to Alex for me.
    Be safe there and coming home. All my Love, MOM

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