For those Tom Clancy fans out there, the title of this post is also the title of a song in the movie “The Hunt for Red October”. It means something like, “goodbye, mother Russia”. This post is coming exceptionally late, because I let Lara exercise her “electronics death touch” earlier, and I’ve had to battle to get connectivity back. I’m going to be brief.

We did all the typical things today, though we ate out for both lunch and dinner to avoid cooking and cleaning up on our last night. We had to brave some stern looks from the babushkas who don’t think we are dressing the boys warmly enough. It was in the low to mid-50’s today, with periods of sun and clouds. It seemed like a fairly typical fall day. We have the boys in their fleeces, stocking caps, and gloves. Here, they believe that is time for long underwear, snowpants, and scarves! Our hostess, Mila, pleaded with us to put more clothes on the children before taking them out in this weather. Sure, if we had sweaters, we probably would have put them on today, but all in all it wasn’t that bad. I don’t get it. I wanted to scream at everyone that it is going to be about 80 degrees colder here in another 4 months. How many clothes do they wear then?

Anyway, we survived our last day with no further incidents. Both Lara and I are continuing to recover on all fronts. Neither of us is 100%, but we should have enough in the tank to get us home. Looking back now, of course it’s difficult to believe we’ve been here for two weeks. Some day we’ll read back through these posts and be shocked at all that’s happened. We’ve come a long way.

We’re mostly packed. We leave for the airport at 8am tomorrow. There’s definitely a mix of excitement and apprehension in the air, but it is very good to be heading home. Depending on the boys’ behavior, we may be able to shoot off a quick note or make a phone call during one of the airport stays, but don’t be surprised if we stay incommunicado throughout the day tomorrow. These guys simply take our entire focus. At worst, we’ll get out an update after we get home. See you all back in the States!

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  1. According to “Flight Tracker” info, UAL965 departed Moscow Domedovovo, 6 minutes late (12:51 PM local)… and is estimated to arrive at Washington Dulles, Gate C2 at 3:26 PM EDT.

    As I am writing (8:54 AM CDT), the “estimated” tracking position is approximately 1/2 way between Iceland and the southern tip of Greenland.

  2. Yeah, whoopee, coming home atlast. When you do have a chance to sit back and read all the postings, you will be in AWE… You have two wonderful boys and the future is going to be wonderful. Safe flight home and love to you all. Love MOM

  3. We’re so excited to have you and the boys coming home at last! You have our best wishes for an uneventful flight back and that the boys don’t get too antsy being “strapped in” and inactive for a long period of time. With their high energy levels, we suspect it might be a challenge for both them and you:-) But we also know that, at home, you and Chris can relax more and recover better from this amazing adventure you’ve had and can establish a more normal and less stressful routine for the whole family. We look forward to talking with you whenever you get a chance. Meanwhile, say “Do Svidanya Rodina” for us. We feel like we were there with you guys.

  4. Okay, I finished reading the Wednesday evening post… and have to think, dog tired or otherwise, sometime later tomorrow evening, you both are going to realize, it was a WOW day!! (sure wish there was a way to print “WOW” in bigger text)

    I sure wish I could be at the Denver airport when you get there… but that’s not likely. Just the same, look around… in the belief that everyone of us would like to make this an incredibly special occassion. I know you can appreciate, how much we so wish we could… and if anybody who reads this WILL be there, PLEASE take some pictures!

    Rest assured… we’ll be excited as well!!


  5. Reading nothing more than the title (so far)…
    … I guess that means you’re ready for some “Rocky Mountain High”!

    … more later…


  6. Halleluja!! Our thoughts and prayers remain with the four of you as you begin your journey home tomorrow. Wow, just to write tomorrow is an awesome thing!! Safe travels and we’ll look forward to hearing of your safe arrival in the USA. Love from one of the babushkas.

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