In October of 2002, we were wrapping up a fairly intenst effort at work that required a handful of us to temporarily move out to northern Virginia.  Lara and I, along with our friends Dave, Mark, and Kimberly, decided to celebrate the completion of this effort with a trip to Munich.  We were just in time for the last weekend of Octoberfest, and had the rest of the week to explore Bavaria.

Among the sites we saw were Munich itself, Neuschwanstein Castle, Garmisch and the Zugspitze (the highest mountain in Germany), the concentration camp at Dachau, and the mideval town of Rothenburg.  We had fairly low expecations.  We assumed that German food was heavy and mostly pork, and that the people would be formal and cold.  We were wrong on both counts.  This was one of the best trips Lara and I have ever had.  The country is beautiful, the food is delicious, and the people are very warm and friendly.  We most definitely hope to go back.

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