We spent a few days with family at my Uncle’s lake house on Lake Geneva in Alexandria, MN. The weather was just warm enough to make it pleasant being in the water when the sun was shining. The cool weather seemed to have kept the mosquitoes at bay, which we were all very grateful for!

We went boating, swimming, fishing and tubing, and lit off a few early fireworks since we were going to miss the big 4th of July celebration. Fishing right off the dock was easy, and everyone was soon pulling up little sunnies and crappies. As usual, the boys all wanted someone else to bait the hooks and take off the fish. Eventually Evan got up the courage to grab a fish, and soon was in charge of taking off all the fish.

Tubing was also a blast. The lake was quiet during the week. We pretty much had it to ourselves, so we were able to get some pretty wild rides going on the tube. Evan and Jackson both asked to get off for breaks, but Alex couldn’t get enough. He spent the whole ride trying to give us the “faster” sign. Good times!

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