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There’s No Place Like Home

Boy, do I now really appreciate what Dorothy was saying in the Wizard of Oz. We had an early start to the day, but I guess it’s no surprise that the boys don’t quite have “jet lag” figured out. They came to get us at 4:00. We finally conceded defeat and got up for good about 4:30. That gave us all 3-4 whole hours of sleep. We kept expecting the boys to nap during the day – today especially, but despite being obviously exhausted, they still did not want to hear anything about sleep. Maybe that means we’ll get a long night tonight…

When Evan first came to the bed to rouse me (which apparently he had to work pretty hard at the first time, because what finally got both of awake was when he hit the mattress), I didn’t remember we were at home until my feet touched the carpet. What a feeling!

We spent the morning exploring the toys around the house, and establishing some house rules. The boys are finally starting to get the idea that there is more to playing than dumping the contents of the toy (and other) shelves on the ground and walking away. Overall, it was a very good morning. We took them out in the back yard for the first time. They still don’t quite get the concept that it’s their yard, and we can go out there whenever we want, but they really enjoyed watching people walk their dogs along the path.

Some neighbors had stocked us up with breakfast and snack items (we have such awesome neighbors), so we were good for the morning, but we had to go run a couple of errands in the afternoon. While we were out, we stopped at Red Robin to satisfy our craving for a hamburger. The boys did great, and really soaked in the atmosphere. Wow, it’s nice to be able to sit down somewhere and order what you want without having to wrack your brains over what might be inside.

Unfortunately, the lunch seemed to do me in. I thought at first I had just reached my brink of exhaustion. After all, I was working on about 6 hours of sleep in the previous 72 hours, but it seems we can add food poisoning to our list of challenges in this little adventure. When I got home, someone in my digestive system ordered a fire sale (everything must go, NOW), so I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening as a useless hunk of mass, while Lara had to take over all responsibility. In the meantime, I’m starting to feel a little better. I finally got a little water to stay down (earlier, I literally threw up 0.5 oz of water 5 minutes after “drinking” it), so hopefully I’ve gotten around the bend and a good night’s sleep will set me straight.

While Chris was down with the bug, Lara was brave enough to take the boys out for a walk around the neighborhood, and introduce the boys to several of the neighbors. She also made some breakthroughs in playtime, teaching the boys how to do puzzles and build things with blocks. She managed to get through the day with a minimal number of tantrums. She got them down for bed with a pretty smooth bedtime routine, and while they didn’t stay down for more than a couple of hours, it was still a triumph to get them in on her own.  It was very trying to deal with two toddlers all alone, but Lara is showing that she’s going to be a very capable mom.

Updated on 10/1 with a few photos. We’re pretty desperate for sleep, so we’re taking the easy way out today…