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In Ground Trampoline

Two days ago we got a trampoline (in ground). It is awesome. It is so cool because I can jump up so high. Another thing I like about the trampoline is that Evan bounces me up so high I get to go up higher. Also we have walls that protects us from going into the fence.

Our in-ground trampoline.
Bouncing on my new tramp.

My awesome spring Break

Spring break was the best because we got to go to Yosemite National park, walked on the Golden Gate Bridge and go to Rutherford Grill. In Yosemite National Park we saw the Grizzly Giant. We walked 6 miles in the snow, and it took forever. We saw tons of rock formations.

On the Golden Gate Bridge we did not hike that far because we were so tired. At Rutherford Grill I had a yummy dinner of rice and ribs. At the coast, we went to the beach. It was so fun because we saw tide pools. We saw some sea creatures in them like some clams and stuff like that.

Thank you for a special edition on CNN 10.