Today was pretty much dedicated to a glacier cruise out of Seward. Unfortunately the weather was not very cooperative. We spent the entire cruise under a thick gray sky, with intermittent showers and a fairly strong, cold breeze. We were not deterred. The cruise took us past pods of orca, herds of sea lions, a number of porpoises, packs of sea otters, several bald eagles, and even a couple of humpback whales. Oh yeah, and a calving glacier to boot.

The cruise included a stop at Fox Island for a salmon dinner and some rock skipping on the shore before finishing the ride back to Seward. The sun finally poked through the clouds as we disembarked the boat. Hopefully this means a shot at just a little more sun tomorrow.

Glacier Cruise Video

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  1. I love the pictures you have posted so far. What memorable experiences, good and bad (challenging). My the rest of your trip be sunny and fantastic. Mom

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