Leaving Grand Canyon behind, we crossed the Colorado River at the Glen Canyon Dam on our way to Kanab, Utah. We had intended to bypass Zion and limit the first return leg of our Spring Break odyssey to Bryce Canyon. After settling in Kanab for the night, we decided that we had enough patience to tack on a few more hours in the car and see Zion as well. The weather had turned cool and wet, so our hiking opportunities would be limited anyway.

We were so happy we made that decision. Zion is beautiful, of course, but the views of those dramatic cliffs draped in clouds added a unique feel to the day. We hopped on the bus to take us up the scenic trail, and got off at a few points along the way for some short walks to some of the easily accessible viewpoints. It made for a short visit, but well worth the extra time.

Now, we’re on to Bryce…

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