Lockheed Martin used to have several special events throughout the year. Elitch’s Day is the only one that has survived the budget storm. All Denver-area employee’s and their families are given free admission to the park for one day a year. Today was Elitch’s Day 2012. Lara and I have never bothered going to Elitch Gardens. It’s a downtown theme park. There was no particular reason we avoided it, but neither did we have any particular reason to go. This year, we did.

I have to say we did have a pretty good time. The boys aren’t quite big enough to really get into it yet, but given that this was there first experience, they didn’t mind being restricted on what rides they could ride. We spent a good part of our day in “Kiddie Land”, where you have to be between 36″ and 54″ to ride. We ventured into the main park for “Shipwreck Falls” (your typical “flume” ride from other parks) and the ferris wheel. The smiles in the pictures should say it all.

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  1. I do like the “Don’t drop us”,”James Dean’s ….”, and “Driving is fun” pictures. What smiles the
    kids have on their faces. I love it. I bet they slept going home…. Love ya all. Mom and Grandma..

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