Sorry to paraphrase the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, but that’s the kind of emotion we both feel right now. Jubilant, relieved, and incredibly exhausted.  We made it home safe and sound.  After some initial trepidation coming into a big house (which we got on video by the way), the boys took to their new digs like ducks to water. It took us a couple of hours to spin them down from the toys and get them back to sleep.  Evan was the biggest challenge. With only 3 hours of sleep in the previous 24, he was simply too exhausted to behave rationally.  More on that tomorrow.

For now, just know that everyone is snug in their OWN beds, and we hope to be chatting with everyone over the coming weekend.

Updated on 10/1 with part of the video of us entering the house.

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  1. Ok, that is a pretty cool video to have. Welcome home.

  2. Hello! I have been following your communications with much interest and awe. Thanks so much for sharing! I am amazed also at how much Russian you have picked up in this whole process. I sent an email that contained the following, but I am not sure if you got it. It said:
    Christopher and Lara,
    Here is a free program you might find useful. You won’t need to know how to say, “Help! I’m stuck in this elevator” anymore, but you might find other uses for it with the boys. Try for example, telling them that they have a really big dog waiting for them at home.

    Click on the below link and the following statement will be spoken in Russian. You might have to copy and paste the link. I made a little message for the boys to hear.

    Hello Alex and Evan,
    Your new mama and papa are very happy that you are coming to America to be in our family. We can not wait to meet you. My name is easy to remember. I am your new cousin, Cookie. Love, Cousin Cookie

    Здравствуйте Алекс и Эван,
    Ваша новая мама и папа очень счастливы, что Вы идете в Америку, чтобы находиться в нашей семье. Мы не можем ждать, чтобы встретить Вас. Меня зовут легкий помнить. Я – ваш новый кузен, Печенье. Любовь, Печенье Кузена

    I thought it was interesting to hear my nickname in Russian. We are all so happy that you are home and that they are both finally with you forever.


  3. The video of the boys’ homecoming is so poignant to watch — so much apprehension and so much curiosity for those little guys. You two did great in helping them through that tough transition. You’re amazing . . . and so are those incredible guys! You all impress and inspire us.

  4. Wow! I am so happy to hear you have arrived home safely as a family. I am with your dad, Grandpa that is, Lara…”What’s for breakfast!” And from the video it looks like you might have a dumper on your hands. Sam would go from one bin to the next without looking back! What a joy to see that initial video. How special. I will have to say it brought tears to my eyes with happiness for both of you. Those boys have such loving parents who have so much to share and teach them. What a blessing it is. I am tickled pink. Looking forward to seeing photos down the road of Grandpa taking them fishing! 🙂

    Also enjoyed reading updates. Sleep deprivation..ah…the joys of having kids. Two boys will definitely keep you on your toes. I try to stay a step ahead of Charlie and Sam. What joy children bring to your lives. You all take care and rest when you can.

    Love to you both,


  5. Fantastic. The whole family is home. I am just beside myself. Love you all.
    My emotions are going in so many directions. So much love. MOM

  6. I followed the flight to Denver… noting it took a “southern” route across Kentucky, to deviate around the south end of some thunderstorms… then on to Columbia, Missori and across Kansas, just north of Witchita. Somehow, through the flight, I could sense the building exhaustion… wondering how the drive home would be, so didn’t try to call, thinking it would be “too much” for the moment..

    I’m surprised to see you “up and about” so early (based on the time stamp of your posting), but then realize it’s 3:30 PM “biological” time.

    I find myself wondering about the first trip to the grocery… and whether the boys will go along… then “What’s for breakfast?” It will all be so new for them.

    I suspect everyone will take a nap later today… so will wait to hear from you…

    It’s incredibly wonderful to realize everyone is home safe… and what a “WOW” day that must be as well…


  7. So glad you’re back! Now you have the much needed home-field advantage for raising the boys. We know they’ll love it there with you two . . . and wish you all happy days ahead.

  8. This is the best posting of all! I know all of us are much relieved to know you are back home safely. Rest, rest, rest and take some really deep breathes. Look forward to talking to you (at your timing). Hugs full of love to all four of you!

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