The boys’ school held a Winterfest celebration on the 14th, and Santa even came.  Perhaps because Santa was in a room that Alex was familiar with, he was willing to sit on Santa’s lap AND give a smile.  Fortunately, Evan continued to ask Santa only for a blue car…

Grandma Dani came to visit from central Florida the weekend before Christmas.  There was snow on the ground from the last winter storm, but fortunately the weather held for a walk around part of the frozen lake up in Evergreen where we watched the ice skaters, a visit up to Red Rocks Amphitheater for a view of the city, a night stroll at the zoo for their holiday lights (possibly with the entire city of Denver there too unfortunately), and a visit to a local park.

Having a Gamka in Florida has its advantages in that she was able to bring up some swim toys (arm bands and inner-tubes) for the boys to use this winter at the pool.  We’ll now be able to go in the deeper water where the boys will be able to learn to kick and paddle and therefore burn off more energy.  We’re glad they love the water and will start looking at swimming lessons next year.

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  1. Somehow I just got this post. Adorable! You guys are having so much fun, I’m feeling exhasted:-)

  2. Thank you. the pictures are a flashback on all the fun I had. The boys are awesome and both of you
    are doing a great job. It really is not a job, but an adventure. You are great parents and they are going to have such a fun time growing up. The experiences you are both going to show the boys is going to undescribable. I am glad I am a Grandma and get to share in the fun. Love you all…

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