It’s Halloween again, and we observed all of the usual tradition. Evan and Alex each chose big pumpkins to carve, supplying us with an ample pile of roasted seeds to go with the huge mess in the kitchen. Alex chose to be a policeman (handcuffs and all), while Evan picked Hawkeye (the Avengers character) because he’s an archer. It was a beautiful night for trick-or-treating. We probably visited 60 houses before the boys were convinced they had enough candy. Evan said his arm was getting tired from lugging his pumpkin after the first 30 or so, but insisted we had to soldier on.

The other pictures below are from an event at a local nursery. We went to see a presentation about bats, and they happened to have these inflatable balls in a pool of water. The boys had to go twice. As you can imagine, it was a blast.

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