Halloween Turtles

The boys continued their Halloween “hero” theme by dressing up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this year. Evan was Raphael, and Alex was Donatello – at least, we think. I was surprised the boys chose to dress as characters from a 25 year old cartoon series, but I guess it’s making a comeback. Who knows, maybe next year Coyote and Roadrunner will be popular again!

It was another crazy trick-or-treating year on Clyde Circle. The kids came out of the woodwork. While we were out combing the neighborhood, we ran into a group of kids from Evan’s class that immediately turned into utter chaos. The pack started running back and forth from house to house. The double-dipped a couple of times, but they were moving too fast for the parents to try to re-direct. Plus, they were having so much fun, no one was going to get in the way.

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