September 16th marks one year since we brought the boys out of the orphanage in Karachev. In adoptive families, that’s known as “Gotchya Day”. We celebrated by taking the whole family out for a hike in the mountains, and then meeting up with some friends at a local park for cake, presents, and play time.

We also spent a little time watching videos from a year ago. Can it really have been a year? It really jumps out at you when you see how the boys have developed and grown. From the video in the kitchen in Bryansk where Evan is saying “Ya hochu peet” (I want something to drink), to the scene on the little trikes outside the orphanage where Alex has no idea what the pedals are for, wow – what a year it’s been.

We don’t have enough time to put together a thoughtful posting commemorating the moment, but we thought we’d at least mark the occasion and share a few pictures from the day. Enjoy!

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  1. Fabulous! We are so happy for you all! Thanks for sharing the photos from the 1 year celebration. Cousin Cookie

  2. Happy Gotchya Day! I love you all very, very much. I can’t wait to see these gorgeous boys!

    Aunt Alana

  3. Comment from a friend here in Huntsville, after viewing “Gotcha Day” pictures:

    Yes – time does fly – at the same time when you think about the transition the boys are making I know in my heart the parents are changing as well. As a matter of fact to this day my children and grand children are such a part of my very being that every decision I make has them and their welfare in mind.

  4. Happy Belated “Gotchya Day”!!Truly an awesome way for you all to recognize, remember and appreciate coming together as a family. The pictures are terrific. Our love to all!!

  5. PERFECT!! What a fantastic way to celebrate such an important occassion!! Wish we could have been there…


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