What can we possibly say to wrap up 2011. ‘Unforgettable’ is too casual of a word. It was a year that provided us the experience of a lifetime, and the joy of bringing two beautiful little boys into our lives. We thought we’d put together this little summary of the past year.

Just one word of caution… The video is a little over 13 minutes long. I apologize for the length, but that’s roughly how long 2011 seems to have lasted for us. If you’re like us, there will be a few refreshers of the year that was very much a blur. I hope you find it worth watching.

Also, since the adoption process is now complete, and we’ve had some time to settle in at home, I think this will be our final post under the “Adoption” heading, and we will move all of our future stories under “Family Updates.”

Happy New Year!

We spent New Year’s Eve with our friends Matt and Michelle, and their two girls, Nissa and Ali. It was a good old fashion New Year’s, with sledding, pizza, and plenty of play!

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  1. I have watched this so many times today and cried each time. It’s such a profound and beautiful display of love for your new family. I’m so proud of you both for all of your efforts and how you were there for each other, keeping yourselves going and keeping a place open in your hearts for these two little boys.

    I love you all!

    -Aunt Alana

  2. Okay, I confess, I’ve watched “IT” at least 4 times in the past couple of days… and was so moved by it’s content, that I knew I just could not leave a “response” that is truly deserved…

    TRUE, I know a lot of the emotion and heart that’s gone into the “rest of the story” (as most in the family are also aware of)… but even the 4th viewing summoned the same emotions as the 1st!

    If they gave an Oscar for “home movies”, surely this “work” would be so deserving…

    What a nice, nice video… what two nice people who had the fortune and “wonder” to meet each other in California a while back… and what two wonderful little boys, they had the insite and fortune to go so far to meet… and bring them to a home and future, that children everywhere… should “know”…

    … somebody should find a way to submit this “story” to a world far beyond this “blog”!

    … I love you guys (but you already knew that)!!


  3. I have been thinking about your family and the first Christmas…well all of the firsts, in fact. I am so happy for you all. Thanks for sharing your adventure along the way. Have a wonderful 2012.

    Cousin Cookie

  4. WOW, It was so moving and wonderful. Tears in my eyes of joy and so much happiness. What a family you all are becoming, and what adventures you all will be experiencing in the future. Love you so much MOM and Gamka Dani

  5. Doesn’t happen very often, but I’m speechless! We just watched the video – words just can’t describe the emotions felt as we watched (once again the tissues came in handy!) I am so thankful you all “found each other”! Christopher, Lara, Evan, and Alex – you are a blessing to each other and to all of us. I couldn’t be prouder to be called Mother, Mother-in-law, and Gamka!! I agree with Michelle, what an amazing journey it has been and thanks again for making it possible for us to share it with you. We look forward to the family update posts.

  6. What an amazing journey!

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