Living on the east coast has certain advantages.  We stumbled across an airfare deal from Dulles to London, and decided to take a 4-day weekend across the pond.  We were worried about how much of the weekend would be bogged down in jet lag, but it turned out to be no issue at all.

We had 4 terrific days sight-seeing in London. We stayed in South Kensington, within walking distance of Westminster and Buckingham Palace.  The tube made getting around a delight – no driving on the wrong side of the road for us!

Anyway, we took in all of the sights we could muster from downtown London.  We visited Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the House of Commons, road the London Eye, saw ancient manuscripts in the British Library, the incredible collection of antiquties in the British Museum, and took in a production of Henry the V, Part II by the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Not bad for 4 days!

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