Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon was our fifth and final park on our 2019 Spring Break national parks extravaganza. As you’ll see in the pictures, Bryce is known for its “hoodoos” – those eerie spires that form from eroding sandstone. Alex had been anticipating this since he saw a tourism poster for Bryce at the Utah visitor center […] . . . → Read More: Bryce Canyon


Leaving Grand Canyon behind, we crossed the Colorado River at the Glen Canyon Dam on our way to Kanab, Utah. We had intended to bypass Zion and limit the first return leg of our Spring Break odyssey to Bryce Canyon. After settling in Kanab for the night, we decided that we had enough patience to […] . . . → Read More: Zion

Grand Canyon

Our primary Spring Break destination was the Grand Canyon. After a couple of days in Moab visiting Arches and Canyonlands, we drove to Flagstaff as our base for exploring Grand Canyon. We had three days to spend at the park. On our first day we drove the South Rim from east to West, stopping at […] . . . → Read More: Grand Canyon


Next up on our tour was Canyonlands. This is a much larger park than Arches, with three different sections that you have to enter separately. We went into the park twice. Our first visit was in the Island in the Sky district, which is predominantly along the top of the mesa, looking down into the […] . . . → Read More: Canyonlands


Our 2019 Spring Break is dedicated to a National Parks tour, since our youngest son Alex has the 4th grade National Parks passport. The first day was a drive from Denver to Moab. Naturally, we had to stop at the border rest stop for some gratuitous pictures welcoming us to Utah. The entrance to Arches National […] . . . → Read More: Arches

January Sledding

This January has brought decent snow to the metro area for the first time in a few years, which gave us the chance to go sledding in the open space near the house this weekend. The snow in the sun was already pretty crunchy, but was great for sledding. There were a few powdery spots […] . . . → Read More: January Sledding

Orlando Theme Parks

We traveled to Orlando for our 2018 fall break. We spent 2 days at Universal Studios and 3 days at the various Disney parks. The weather was warm and wet, including a glancing blow from Hurricane Michael as it hit the panhandle. Other than having to don our ponchos for a while each day, and […] . . . → Read More: Orlando Theme Parks

Rocky Mountain Fall Colors

Today happened to be a Lockheed Martin off-Friday that both Lara and I could actually take off, as well as one of many Douglas County School District off days. We decided to take advantage of the time off, the beautiful weather, and the time of year to go see some of the fall colors in […] . . . → Read More: Rocky Mountain Fall Colors

County Fair

Some friends invited us to the Douglas County Fair. It’s the first time any of us had been to a county fair in a long, long time. Not much has changed, including the rides! We toured the livestock pavilions, and came across someone giving away a bunny to a good home. The boys took turns […] . . . → Read More: County Fair

Clayton Lake Trek

This was a planned backpacking weekend, but at the last minute, Alex and Lara got cold feed and decided to stay around town for a more traditional weekend. Evan decided to take the plunge and commit to a trek with dad. We had chosen the Crater Lake trail in the James Peak Wilderness as the […] . . . → Read More: Clayton Lake Trek